Patch to compile against libxml 2

Hans de Graaff
27 Feb 2001 19:47:20 +0100

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Dave Peticolas wrote:
> Hans de Graaff writes:

[ all on the patches list ]

>> I had to create the following patch to get the latest CVS gnucash
>> to compile on my system. I have both libxml 1 and 2 installed,
>> although not the latest versions. I think the patch to
>> gnc-account-xml-v2.c is needed in any case. The other patch may
>> have been taken care of in newer versions of the xml libraries.
> I agree that some of these changes make sense. However, your patch
> breaks the build on my system with libxml 1.8.10. Can you send a
> patch that works for both?
> BTW, we probably aren't going to officially support libxml 2 until
> gnome 2.0 is released and we switch to that.

As it turns out, the version of Gnucash which I compiled with my patch
also reduced the file size from 500Kb to 100 byte. While I appreciated
the drop in file size, this seems to have side effects. :-)

I downloaded the latest versions of libxml 1 & 2 today to create a
proper fix, but libxml2 is giving me more grief than I want to
fix. For example, the latest version of libxml2 renames the library
itself to libxml2 (from libxml), but we still link against -lxml,
picking up libxml 1. 

Instead of fixing libxml2 support, I commented out the check for
libxml2 in, recompiled, and now I can save a complete
file again. Good enough for me, and I feel that if libxml2 doesn't
work or is very experimental, it shouldn't be included by default by
configure. No patch this time as I'm not sure what the right way
forward would be.