etags crashes, ctags not

Rob Browning
28 Feb 2001 10:00:20 -0600

Darryl Okahata <> writes:

>      For that matter, why is gnucash even trying to use either?
> Some people don't have ctags or etags, and, has been pointed out,
> may have buggy implementations.  If some programmer wants to use
> ctags or etags, they can manually use them.  It's not difficult, and
> running ctags/etags just unnecessarily slows down the build process.

Right now, gnucash only tries to build the TAGS file if it finds etags
during the configure process.  I plan to continue to support building
a TAGS file, but I'd be happy to try and make the process smarter.
For example, it might be possible (if this isn't the case already) to
make the TAGS file only be re-built if it exists int the first place.
(I'd have to think about whether or not I could make "make" do that.)

Also, to address the etags/ctags issue, it should be possible to add
some tests to to actually determine which one to use
dynamically, or, as suggested, we could just allow a
--with-tags-prog=foo option.

In my experience, building the TAGS file doesn't appear to add
appreciable build time when compared to the overall time required to
build gnucash itself.

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