"Hello, World" report crashes Gnucash

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
28 Feb 2001 10:15:59 -0500

grib@gnumatic.com (Bill Gribble) writes:

> We don't depend on any special features of recent gtkhtml; none of the
> gnc-html code has changed any time recently, either, AFAIR, so if
> you've recently been able to look at reports or help gtkhtml is
> working fine.

Actually, I've never tried running a report before, so I have no
background with which to compare.  Running through gdb it's very clear
that the scheme-side is providing a 'good report'.  I can see the
(beginning) of the HTML.

> your "other" problem, which is somehow related to this one because of
> the GDK-Fontset errors, didn't involve gtkhtml at all as far as I
> could tell; you were just creating a new account, right?  I think
> looking at gtkhtml is a red herring.

No, the previous error was when I clicked on the 'Help' button while
trying to create a new security (stock).  You're right that gtkhtml
might be a red-herring.  Indeed, when I ran Gnucash with a breakpoint
set for gnc_html_load_to_stream, I got a number of the font errors
before the breakpoint.

> I would take a look at Glade and its autogenerated files instead.  We
> are shipping .c/.h files output by a version of glade running on
> whoever's machine submitted the most recent patch.  glade-gnome has
> been tracking gnome on most developer's machines, which means it may
> be out of sync with your crusty old RH6.2 packages.

Last time I tried to use glade to generate files myself I got stuff
that basically didn't work (I've got glade 0.5.5).  I suppose I can
try it again, but I thought the Makefile wasn't setup to actually run
glade automatically.

> IMO it's a waste of time to keep gnucash's development version running
> on old libs when we're coding for the gnome-1.4 release, but that's
> your headache I suppose.

Well, my headache and a headache for all the Gnucash users who are
still using RH 6.2 (and I bet there are a lot of them!).  If Gnucash
only works on the latest-and-greatest then we've got a major problem.
I don't want to thumb my nose at users of last year's technology.
Sure, people running RH 4.x (or maybe even 5.x) are outdated enough
that we can yell at them, but RH 6.2 isn't all that outdated (yet).
Indeed, RH is currently only at 7.0 release and is beta-testing 7.1.

Are you implying that Gnucash only plans to support the power-users
running bleeding-edge software?

> b.g.


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