Detecting shared library problems

Robert Graham Merkel (Robert Graham Merkel)
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 12:13:51 +1100

Derek Atkins writes:
 > Robert Graham Merkel <> writes:
 > > You might notice that we never hear of problems from Debian users
 > > trying to install the Debian packages.  That's because Debian *does*
 > > have this problem solved.  Debian dependancies are package rather than
 > > file-based, and the Debian package management front-ends automatically
 > > pull in required packages.
 > Huh?  RedHat package dependencies are both package and file based
 > dependencies.  Only the automatic dependencies are file-based.  The
 > packager, however, can supply a dependency on a particular package
 > version.  The only time this is really necessary is when you have
 > shared libraries that have the same SO-number but are incomptabile.

Thanks for the correction.

Debian can do package-based library dependancies automatically,
meaning there's never any problem figuring out which package you need
to install a library, and allowing Debian's package front ends to go
and easily grab all the dependancies required to install a package.

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