scheduled transactions status; 1.6 status query

Joshua Sled
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 01:40:24 -0800

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From: Joshua Sled <>
Subject: Re: scheduled transactions status; 1.6 status query
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 01:29:20 -0800
To: Dave Peticolas <>

On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 01:03:19AM -0800, Dave Peticolas wrote:

| Looking good!


| Maybe. Have you looked at the evolution and/or gnomecal calendar stuff?
| We might be able to use some of that code.

The GnomeCal "Month" view is starting to be like what I want... maybe even
a user-selectable view [eventually].  What also might be nice is a tree
of upcoming transactions or a straight list, but in order of occurance,
with multiples; not just a list of the objects in the scheduled transaction
list... something like:

. March 15th, 2001
  . Lunch w/friend0
  . Gas
  . Power bill
  . Paycheck
. March 19th, 2001
  . Lunch w/friend1
. March 20th, 2001

Evolution I haven't looked at [Outlook is painful enough, so an Outlook
clone doesn't really seem like a good thing]... but I will so this weekend.

| There is no firm date for 1.6 atm. How long do you think it will be
| for the sched transactions to be usable/useful?

Probably another man-week of work [at least]... make that two.

Given my duty cycle WRT gnucash over the last month or two, and my workload
at my Real Job, probably another month or two.  I'm relatively young,
so it's hard to estimate work-times well [especially a spare-time thing
like this]... maybe that number should be higher.

I'm definitely concentrating on getting the major parts working first,
and filling in the details later [for instance, the only frequency
selection notebook pages that actually do anything are Once, Daily,
Weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly... the others are just empty...]


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