Reports in main window, "meta-report" view

Bill Gribble
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:59:03 -0600

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 06:38:33PM -0600, Carol Champagne wrote:
> I was able to open reports/graphs into the main window but couldn't
> figure out how to delete them.  Once I add a report "tab" on the left,
> there doesn't seem to be an option to delete it.

There's a "close" menu option in the popup menu.  That should do it. 

> What is the purpose of having # columns on the General page and then
> having colspan and rowspan on the Contents page?

# of columns is the width of the entire table.  rowspan/colspan are
the size of each item in the table, in rows and columns.  So if you
have 4 reports, and 2 columns in the view, and leave the
rowspan/colspan at 1, you'll have a 2x2 table.

> When I select P&L, income/expense graph, income pie chart, and expense
> pie chart, I end up with:
> -P&L report (Okay, no problem)
> -a link to Edit Options instead of the income/expense graph
> -a link to Edit Options instead of the income pie chart
> -a link to Edit Options instead of the expense pie chart

You must not have any data for the pie charts to display; at least,
that's what happens to me when the pie charts don't have any data in
their default date range.  You should edit the parameters, make sure
you have data in the date range, then "OK", then "Reload" on the view

> I can't get it to display graphs for some reason, although they display
> fine if I just open them from Reports.  All I get in the Multi view is
> a link to Edit Options.  If I click on that link, it lets me edit
> parameters but won't show the graph.
> Also, if I change the parameters on the Multi report, it adds another
> Multi tab to the main window.

Are you selecting the options editor from the popup menu on the
report?  The "Reports" menu always creates a new report; to edit an
existing one, you need to use the right-button popup menu on that
report's window.

> It's a neat idea---I really like that!  Want to get mine to look like
> the example you showed me earlier today.

2 columns in the View, and these reports in this order:

Report            rowspan      colspan
Account summary   2            1
Income piechart   1            1 
Expense piechart  1            1