import wizzard currency or security type

Ben Stanley
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 11:39:53 +1000

package: old file version import wizzard
version: cvs 2001-03-28

The drop-down list box for 'type of currency or security' is confusing
in it's intent, and to fill in. It is not at all obvious to the novice
user what to fill in there.

What is an ISO4217?

(As a programmer I suppose it would be an international standard
describing a standard way of denoting national currencies.)

The list box doesn't currently include my stock market (ASX), nor many
others around the world.
It's also not obvious what to do with mutual funds or trusts.

It seems that this list box will have to be replaced by another
mechanism to cope with the large number of exchanges and funds not
currently listed. Perhaps we need a wizzard to help fill out the wizzard
at this point...