import wizzard currency or security type

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
28 Mar 2001 09:49:05 -0500

Gnucash currencies and securities (aka commodities) are stored with a
reference to the commodity within a namespace (the "type").  The
"ISO4217" you see is the namespace (type) for national currencies (as
you guessed).  There are a number of other namespaces as well,
generally for the popular stock exchanges.  There is also a namespace
called "Fund", which is where you would put your mutual funds and trusts.


Ben Stanley <> writes:

> package: old file version import wizzard
> version: cvs 2001-03-28
> The drop-down list box for 'type of currency or security' is confusing
> in it's intent, and to fill in. It is not at all obvious to the novice
> user what to fill in there.
> What is an ISO4217?
> (As a programmer I suppose it would be an international standard
> describing a standard way of denoting national currencies.)
> The list box doesn't currently include my stock market (ASX), nor many
> others around the world.
> It's also not obvious what to do with mutual funds or trusts.
> It seems that this list box will have to be replaced by another
> mechanism to cope with the large number of exchanges and funds not
> currently listed. Perhaps we need a wizzard to help fill out the wizzard
> at this point...
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