Begining of Java Servlet Inteface

Dave Peticolas
Sat, 12 May 2001 13:54:16 -0700

Christopher Molnar writes:
> Hello,
> I know everyone is busy with getting ready for the 1.6 release, but I
> have put together the very rough beginnings (About 2 development hours)
> of a Java Servlet interface to the gnucahs/Postgresql databases. I will
> share source code after the 1.6 release when cvs is un-frozen again.
> If anyone is interested you can take a look and see at - I would gladly
> hear comments or suggestions for functionality a web interface should
> have:
> Login: gncqa
> Passwd: test
> Click on the GNUCash link (Like you won't figure that out :-)).
> This is about 2 hours of development time and is really rough so my
> appologies.

That is very cool!

> It looks better on real data but I don't want to make my finances
> available for all to see, so if anyone has some test data or feels like
> creating some, this database is available publically on the default port
> at:
> db server:
> db name:   qagnc
> user:	gncqa
> passwd: test
> I will gladly accept any donations of true data!

There are a fair number sample data files in the CVS tree under
doc/examples and src/test/test-files.