Begining of Java Servlet Inteface

Christopher Molnar
Sat, 12 May 2001 16:39:06 -0400


I know everyone is busy with getting ready for the 1.6 release, but I
have put together the very rough beginnings (About 2 development hours)
of a Java Servlet interface to the gnucahs/Postgresql databases. I will
share source code after the 1.6 release when cvs is un-frozen again.

If anyone is interested you can take a look and see at - I would gladly
hear comments or suggestions for functionality a web interface should

Login: gncqa
Passwd: test

Click on the GNUCash link (Like you won't figure that out :-)).

This is about 2 hours of development time and is really rough so my

It looks better on real data but I don't want to make my finances
available for all to see, so if anyone has some test data or feels like
creating some, this database is available publically on the default port

db server:
db name:   qagnc
user:	gncqa
passwd: test

I will gladly accept any donations of true data!