price-db storage via BackEnd?

Christopher Molnar
Wed, 16 May 2001 05:51:28 -0400

Linas Vepstas wrote:

> Does this remark imply that there are users who are really planning
> on using the sql backend real soon now?  I have had trouble
> understanding whether this really, truly an interesting feature
> for anyone.


This has been something people have been waiting for. There are no
decent PSQL based accounting packages. This also allows it to be
extended from the current GUI form to web based and java based. Hell,
someone could write an applet that would increase the user base to
Windows, Mac, and PALM machines. The use of an accounting package with a
Web interface helps all those traveling and with remote users. It also
significantly helps those in a business environment, there are several
features we can make available with almost the existing db structure
that it will take years to implement in gnucash. (if it will even be
done: invoicing, payrolll, reminders, etc). These are all credit/debit
type accounts. This will appeal to several business users.

I have 3 local business that want to loose windows like real bad, but
they need a replacement for QuickBooks. With a postgres based package
this is now possible. (which is why you see the progress on my servlet).

> > is moved to a database structure as well those working on the postgres
> > end are missing a lot of information.
> dimwit question: are you sure you want to make your configs global?
> It seems it might be nice to have different configs on different
> machines ...

I need a table that is user based configs. The session table tracks the
last itme they logged in, but doesn't include config info (example,
default currency, colors, etc).

> I'm balking, mostly because I'm feeling lazy about implementing this.

I wish I could volunteer to help implement on the GnuCash side, I truly
do, but I do not have the programming skills (in C) to do this. I can
help with anything on the Postgres side.

> > Dave Peticolas wrote:
> > >
> > > On 15 May 2001 10:21:24 -0400, Derek Atkins wrote:
> > > > Hi,
> > > >
> > > > It looks like the Price DB is still being stored on its own via the
> > > > gnc-book instead of being stored via a backend.  Indeed, it looks like
> > > > the price db will only be saved/loaded if you're using the default
> > > > backend (file IO).
> > > >
> > > > Is there any plan to change the pricedb to use the Backend?  Until
> > > > that happens there is no way to use pricedb with a Postgres (or RPC)
> > > > backend storage system.
> > >
> > > Yes, I think Linas was planning on adding that, but feel free to add
> > > it if you want.
> I'm thinking that a couple of un-interrupted evenings would do the
> trick, or a long weekend.   Started adding priceb, but stopped because
> back then, there was no way to test it out ...

I can test if needed.