price-db storage via BackEnd?

Linas Vepstas
Wed, 16 May 2001 11:35:23 -0500

On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 05:51:28AM -0400, Christopher Molnar was heard to remark:
> Linas Vepstas wrote:
> > Does this remark imply that there are users who are really planning
> > on using the sql backend real soon now?  I have had trouble
> > understanding whether this really, truly an interesting feature
> > for anyone.
> Yes! YEs! YES! YYEESS!
> This has been something people have been waiting for. There are no
> decent PSQL based accounting packages. This also allows it to be
> extended from the current GUI form to web based and java based. Hell,
> someone could write an applet that would increase the user base to
> Windows, Mac, and PALM machines. The use of an accounting package with a
> Web interface helps all those traveling and with remote users. It also
> significantly helps those in a business environment, there are several
> features we can make available with almost the existing db structure
> that it will take years to implement in gnucash. (if it will even be
> done: invoicing, payrolll, reminders, etc). These are all credit/debit
> type accounts. This will appeal to several business users.
> I have 3 local business that want to loose windows like real bad, but
> they need a replacement for QuickBooks. With a postgres based package
> this is now possible. (which is why you see the progress on my servlet).

Well, my strong recommendation (and intended design) is that other apps
should not access the pg databasse directly, but only through the 
'engine' interfaces.  The engine is coded up in pure C, and has no 
gui (or scheme, at the moment) in it.  This is supposed to make the
engine very portable (and thus usable in other projects).

Acessing the pg data only through the engine ensures that the data
will stay consistent, uncorrupted.

> I wish I could volunteer to help implement on the GnuCash side, I truly
> do, but I do not have the programming skills (in C) to do this. I can
> help with anything on the Postgres side.

? what is your prefered language?  C is not hard ...


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