dependency hell

Alan Orndorff
Thu, 17 May 2001 09:18:59 -0700 (PDT)

> > 	I agree.  It is pathetic!  Not only are there an
> assanine number of 
> > dependencies,.
> pathetic, adj.: causing or evoking pity, sympathetic
> sadness, sorrow, 
> etc.; pitiful, pitiable. 
> plus a couple of extras, mainly Guppi which we
> provide the RPMs for.
> If you can't get that set up on Red Hat I would
> suggest that it's not
> GnuCash that's pathetic.  Maybe you should switch to
> Debian.

Some of us would agree with the first comment.  You
can get Gnome for Solaris from the Sun Companion CD
nowadays and soon it will be the default desktop, but
for now it remains CDE.  Even though you can get a pre
built version some of us like doing things the hard
way which means compiling the whole thing from
scratch, Gnome, Gnucash and all the dependencies. 

Switching from Solaris to Linux just to run Gnucash
just isn't going to happen so for me as well there is
a lot of extra work that has to be done just to get to
the point to where I can even begin to wonder whether
Gnucash will compile or not and I know that I'm not
the only guy that fights with that.

Having said that, Gnucash is a really fine program
that far exceeds what my needs are.  Dave P. has been
a great resource when Gnucash does not compile
completely on Solaris.  We do appreciate the hard work
that goes into this, and we do understand why you need
all the dependencies, but if there were some way to
consolidate or lessen the load a little, it would help
a lot.

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