dependency hell

Steve Greenland Steve Greenland <>
Fri, 18 May 2001 08:46:11 -0500

Not really a gnucash list anymore -- probably should go to debian-devel
for future discussion...anyway:

On 17-May-01, 16:13 (CDT), wrote: 
> Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about.  However, does it
> actually _work_ to do a build of Debian?  The last time I tried, using
> my own set of build-depends (created by what 'apt-get build' told me
> it needed to have on hand to build), Debian couldn't build itself
> from the ground up.  Maybe I will start that up again with the recent
> bunch of unstable.

It's not intended to support complete source level rebuilds of the
Debian system (which I *think* is what you're asking for, right?).  It's
intended to (primarily) for the auto-build daemons for the architecture
(e.g. powerpc, alpha, mips, etc.) re-builds. It's also so that people
doing source rebuilds of specific packages don't have to track down all
the components needed. There are packages that are not specifically
listed because of their commonality (gcc, libc6-dev, dpkg-dev, etc),
although if you install the "build-essentials" package those will be
maintained too.