1.{56} dependancy list

Robert Graham Merkel rgmerk@mira.net
Sat, 19 May 2001 22:07:38 +1000

OK, below is a list of all the requirements I can *currently* think of for
and running gnucash 1.5.x, soon to be gnucash 1.6.  Feel free to flame for
and omissions :)

Once we've corrected the errors we'll put this up 
on gnucash.org.

Software requirements for GnuCash 1.{5,6}:

Gnome 1.4:  Debian woody and sid already include GNOME 1.4, and other
may already do so.  If not, try Ximian Gnome (http://www.ximian.com) - they
all the Gnome 1.4 packages together conveniently for easy download.  
You need pretty much the full set of gnome libraries, including gtkhtml,
bonobo, and
gal.  NOTE: while you need to install the gnome libraries, you don't need
to install
the whole desktop if you don't want it.  GnuCash will run quite happily
under any
window manager/desktop environment, including KDE.

GUPPI: any recent version will work, but 0.35.5 or later is required for
functionality.  Debian unstable should have it, or you can download
packages from
ftp://ftp.gnucash.org/pub/guppi.  The guppi homepage is at

g-wrap: you need a 1.1 version The older 0.9 series, required for gnucash
1.4, is
not sufficient.  Note that g-wrap 1.1 is not backwards compatible with
1.4 either.  Get it from ftp://ftp.gnucash.org/pub/g-wrap

guile: you need at least version 1.3, but more recent versions are
faster.  Guile can be obtained from the homepage at
and packages are included with all Linux distributions.

Python: some guppi binary packages are built with python support, so if you
use one with
this support you will also need python.  GnuCash does not make use of this,

so if you are building your own version of guppi just for GnuCash you can
disable python support.  Python is included with all distributions. 
homepage is at http://www.python.org

Additional requirements for online quotes:

Perl: you need some kind of Perl installation.  Virtually all systems have
installed, and every general purpose Linux distribution includes it on
CD's.  In the unlikely event you can't find a package for your system, 
try the Perl homepage at http://www.perl.com.

Finance::Quote : a special Perl module for downloading finance quotes. 
be included with your distribution, otherwise most easily obtained using
(http://www.cpan.org). Getting the most recent version is a very good idea
this program interprets web pages that change in format from time to time, 
at which point the program may stop working properly.

Additional requirements for building gnucash yourself:

* You need the development files for all the libraries you installed.  If
install a library package foo, you will need foo-dev or foo-devel, and get
from the same source you got the original package from and make sure it's
same version!

* gcc, make: the versions that come with your distribution should be fine.
GnuCash *may* work with non-GNU C compilers and make versions, but we

Additional requirements for building from CVS:

autoconf, automake, libtool: standard tools for building GNU programs.  The
versions with your distribution will be fine.  If you can't find them for
system, try http://www.gnu.org/software/software.html

jade, cygnus-stylesheets: The GnuCash documentation is authored in DocBook,
and then converted to HTML during the build process.  We do this in case we
ever decide to turn the documentation into printed form.  These packages
are available with most distributions.  Jade's homepage is at 
http://www.jclark.com/jade/.  The cygnus stylesheets can be downloaded from

Robert Merkel	                           rgmerk@mira.net

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