scheduled transactions
20 May 2001 01:54:25 -0400

Josh Sled <> writes:
JS<> The forthcoming budgeting stuff should be very cool, too... is budgeting
JS<> something you'd think you'd use?  If so, I'd like to bounce ideas off
JS<> you as we get further along in the thoughts/design of it all.

Let's put it this way: In theory, yes... but in practice, if budgeting
is nearly as complicated as it is in Quicken, or nearly as complicated
as your previous descriptions (was it all the way back in December or
February) then I want no part of it.

Every so often I try to use budgeting in Quicken to see if I can make
sense of my budget, but it's too much work to convert the result of
the auto-import into something meaningful. I have done it a few times,
but the last few times I tried it I decided that I don't have time or
patience for this sort of thing.

JS<> I sure hope so... you should post to the list [-devel], listing the things
JS<> that _keep_ you using quicken... other features... differences/nicities in
JS<> Quicken features that GnuCash is lacking... it always helps for everyone
JS<> to know what's required to make the best software we can. :)

I think I already mentioned a while ago that scheduled transactions
are probably the last thing holding me back. On the other hand,
Quicken is working decently -- not perfectly, but decently -- in the
version of Wine that ships with Mandrake 8. But as I mentioned before,
scheduled transactions in Q leave something to be desired. It sounds
like you've filled that in... your description from last week sounds a
lot like my wish list. (Thanks!)

I also mentioned before that scheduled transactions could be holding
back a lot of people from making the switch, so the sooner the gang
sees fit to include them in a stable build, the better.

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