scheduled transactions

Josh Sled
Sun, 20 May 2001 11:38:34 -0700

On Sun, May 20, 2001 at 01:54:25AM -0400, wrote:

| Let's put it this way: In theory, yes... but in practice, if budgeting
| is nearly as complicated as it is in Quicken, 

How is it complicated in Quicken?  I guess I can only really answer this
by playing around with Quicken, but even when I do that I might not find
it complicated, or find it complicated in a different way.  So I'm curious
as to why you [and others] find it lacking.

| or nearly as complicated
| as your previous descriptions (was it all the way back in December or
| February) then I want no part of it.

I didn't think my previous descriptions were all that complicated, but
they were definitely unfinished throughts...  :)

I intend to start a new thread of discussion about budgeting before 1.6
is released, so that interested parties can begin to come to an agreement
about what to start working on post-1.6...

I'm on vacation from 5/25 to 6/3, so I'll probably post out sometime
during the week of the 3rd.

| Every so often I try to use budgeting in Quicken to see if I can make
| sense of my budget, but it's too much work to convert the result of
| the auto-import into something meaningful. I have done it a few times,

When you say "auto-import", you mean a mechanism by which Quicken attempts
to construct a budget out of your existing transactions?  Indeed, that
seems like a far-from-trivial problem...  I've been thinking of punting
on that for a while, in fact.

| scheduled transactions in Q leave something to be desired. It sounds
| like you've filled that in... your description from last week sounds a
| lot like my wish list. (Thanks!)

Excellent.  And it gets better every day.  Last night I got simple recurring
transactions [those involving only numeric values [not formulas] created
and entered in the books.  :)  I hope to make a patch tonight, but it still
won't go into CVS for a few weeks, yet... if I'm a bad-ass, maybe I can
compile a static version and post that somewhere... [any advice on this?]

| I also mentioned before that scheduled transactions could be holding
| back a lot of people from making the switch, so the sooner the gang
| sees fit to include them in a stable build, the better.

Indeed.  We'll have to talk about this post-1.6...