price-db storage via BackEnd?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
21 May 2001 14:48:35 -0400

Sigh..  Configurating is always a "hard" thing.

I suppose we might want to re-examine what we consider "application
configuration" and what we consider "gnc(file) meta-data".


Rob Browning <> writes:

> (Linas Vepstas) writes:
> > dimwit question: are you sure you want to make your configs global?
> > It seems it might be nice to have different configs on different
> > machines ...
> I've discussed this with Bill and Dave at various points, and I think
> the upshot is that in the long run, some options need to be per
> machine (i.e. per-user per-machine -- in ~/*), and some need to be
> per-user per-data file, i.e. stored in the data file per-user.
> There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is that as
> we store more and more complex "report setups", a user accessing the
> same data file from home and from work would expect their complex
> report configurations to show up both places, and further, as this
> per-user data gets to be a more substantial amount of information, you
> don't want to end up with a monotonically increasing size for the
> user's home directory.  i.e. unless this data is stored in the data
> file, when you delete the data file, the corresponding (useless)
> config data will remain in the users ~/.gnucash/ directory until the
> end of time.  (Bad behavior IMO.)
> So data that's file-specific should go in the file, and data that's
> machine specific should go in the user's home directory.  Right now
> we're not doing that, but IMO we should be.  However, to do it
> completely right may require "fixing" other people's infrastructure
> like Gnome MDI.  As it stands, MDI stores the document config info you
> give it (and it's config info) in your home directory, even though
> that info may only apply to a given data file (in our case, a given
> .gnc file).  With this arrangement, when you delete that file, Gnome
> MDI has no way of knowing about it, and so the data will just stay
> around forever -- not a scalable approach, really.
> One solution would be for Gnome MDI to have an API that allows you to
> tell it to give you the data it wants stored, and to ask you for that
> data when it needs it (i.e. at file open time).  That seems like a
> much cleaner approach for situations like ours.
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