Some issues on the documentation

Duarte Loreto
Fri, 25 May 2001 01:36:01 +0100


I noticed that on this page, there is a paragraph that is repeated.

The one that goes from line 81 to 86 (Gnome MDI Interface) repeats itself at 
lines 98 through 103.

On the same document, at line 63, it says that support for multiple 
currencies and currency trading accounts was still partial and that it was 
broken. Is this true? Isn't this already working? Should this sentence be 
removed? I'm not enough inside the development to know the answer for this 
one, so I'm just raising a doubt to be analized.

On the xacc-mainwin.sgml, the expression "main window" was replaced by 
"account window" in two places. One was missed (line 27). I think this 
shoulb also be replaced to maintain document coherence (is this well 

On the xacc-account-summary.sgml file, at line 42, "useful" is lacking an 

It is all for today. Tommorow I'll continue my documentation 
translations/updates/corrections, so maybe I'll drop you another note.

Have fun! :)

Duarte Loreto
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