Some issues on the documentation

Robert Graham Merkel
Fri, 25 May 2001 11:01:57 +1000

On Fri, 25 May 2001 10:36:01 Duarte Loreto wrote:
>    Hello
> I noticed that on this page, there is a paragraph that is repeated.
> The one that goes from line 81 to 86 (Gnome MDI Interface) repeats itself
> at 
> lines 98 through 103.
I fixed this yesterday.

At the moment, the documentation is in somewhat of a state of flux, as I
(and others, hopefully) update it for 1.6. I know that this is extremely
tough on translators, but there were plans for other people to work on
documentation that unfortunately fell through.

At the moment, the docuemntation is not in a particularly releasable state,

and requires a fair bit of work before it is.  I consider it perhaps
the biggest hurdle to getting the release out on time.

So, at the moment, translating the documentation is moving target.  I'm 
trying to stabilise it as quick as I can, but it's not there yet.

Note that, while English documentation is, in my opinion, a
issue, foreign-language documentation is not. 

To the rest of the list: help me out here!  The new register, price db, 
and probably a fair bunch of things remain to be documented, and I need
help, mainly with clarifying exactly how a few things are supposed to work,
but actual contributions of documentation would speed up the hold process.

Robert Merkel	                 

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