post-1.6: Online-Banking in Germany: HBCI

Christian Stimming
Sat, 26 May 2001 09:25:00 -0700


On Saturday 26 May 2001 00:06, Klaus Ridder wrote:
> Also living in Germany, some information from my point of view:
> HBCI was a standard created years ago to standarize Online banking in
> Germany (or even worldwide?)
> However, up to now, this hasn't been implemented by any bank I know.

That's not my information -- claims about 100 banks 
have implemented that, e.g. Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank 24, Dresdner Bank, 
about 100 "Sparkassen" and as many "Volksbanken". I use it at the 
"Hamburger Sparkasse" which offers HBCI since 1999, if I recall correctly. 
Moreover, most German banks have signed an obligation to implement it. 
Could you please check on whether your bank claims to have 
implemented it but doesn't actually offer it?

> German's biggest bank network ("Sparkasse") however now allows to
> download Accounting information in QIF format.

I think you would need to be more precise with that statement here. As I 
said before, the "Hamburger Sparkasse" offers HBCI, and only HBCI. If your 
"Sparkasse" offers something different, then you shouldn't generalize that 
too quickly. However, it is kind of funny that they started with QIF 
download even though they singed the abovementioned obligation :)

> However, it is quite useless importing this to gnucash:
> normally, you have already manually entered some transactions before,
> just some of them need to me additionally entered.
> Those now would show up doulbe.
> Any solution for that?

The upcoming 1.6 version (release in two weeks, yeah!) has  a much 
improved QIF importer. IIRC it is able to detect duplicate transactions, 
so your problem may already be solved there.

> Probably somewhat import them to the conceal-dialogue?

Errr... we don't have a "conceal" dialog in English. Obviously you caught 
a different translation than what we actually use :). It would help if you 
would mention the word from the German version ("Abstimmen"?), so that we 
can look up the right translation in the translation catalogue.

Thanks for your feedback. We're glad to hear more people from Germany are 
actually using GnuCash.

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