post-1.6: Online-Banking in Germany: HBCI

Christian Stimming
Sat, 26 May 2001 10:36:41 -0700


Hi Klaus,

btw, feel free to CC our discussion to gnucash-devel -- it's quite 
interesting what you've got to say.

On Saturday 26 May 2001 10:20, Klaus Ridder wrote:
> > That's not my information -- claims about 100 banks
> > have implemented that, e.g. Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank 24, Dresdner
> > Bank,
> Then your information is more updated than mine.
> All banks have signed the contract that they want to do it years ago;
> last year there was not much of it. But if it works now, it would - of
> course - be great if gnucash implemented that.
> Do you have experiences with any bank where it already really works?
> Anyone?

"Hamburger Sparkasse" offers it. I.e. I have a secret key on a floppy 
disk. That's actually not as weird as it seems. Before I would have to 
reach for my TAN (Transation Authorization Number) list before doing 
online-banking. Now I have to reach for the floppy disk with the secret 
key. The session runs in a java applet which sucks because of the download 
time. During the session it is *very* nice that I don't need the TAN list 
anymore. Instead I have to enter my passphrase every time I submit a 
transaction, but that's bearable ("erträglich"). I like it.

> > The upcoming 1.6 version (release in two weeks, yeah!) has  a much
> > improved QIF importer. IIRC it is able to detect duplicate
> > transactions, so your problem may already be solved there.
> Great. I would love to try 1.5 before, but my gnucash file is too
> important to probably be currupted. So I better wait for 1.6.
> I have already made bad experiences with a corrupted "Quicken 2000"
> file, that mixed up all categories - I printed it out and am now
> entering 2 years (1999 and 2000) into gnucash - hope I will be finished
> in some weeks :)
> > Errr... we don't have a "conceal" dialog in English. Obviously you
> > caught
> Yes; "Abstimmen". 

That would be "Reconcile".

> > Thanks for your feedback. We're glad to hear more people from Germany
> > are actually using GnuCash.
> Thanks, too! Although gnucash is still lacking some features, i love
> this direct contact with the developers, which wasn't possible at all
> with "intuit quicken".
> And gnucash already has some features quicken really misses (e.g.
> sub-accounts for bank-accounts).

Thanks for the credit :-)))

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