Where can I see gains / losses from stocks?

Klaus Ridder klaus.ridder@gmx.de
Sat, 26 May 2001 20:12:06 +0200

Hi Christian, and everybody else!

I write this to the list and in english, because probably someone else wants
to say something about this topic.

(stocks = Depot, I hope this is correct)

I have the following problem:

Say I bought 10 stocks from "XY AG" for $100.- each, and sold them for $90.-
Now my stocks account shows $0,-.  However, I would really like to see how
much I gained or lost by certain stocks. Especially as soon as all of them
are sold, I want to see a transaction in my "income" or "expenses" account,
so that I see at the end of the year:

- Salary       + $ 10.000
- Stock gains: + $  5.000

or something like that.

You mentioned a report, that was in gnucash before?  Well, a report ist
good, but can't I see it iun the register directly?

I don't like it that just my bank account is charged, and transactions
aren't balanced any more, as my bank account doesn't reflect what I really
own, because it is also used for my business.  What I own personally is
"Income - expenses" - and that now isn't correct anymore, because of the
missing stock transactions.

This is especially bad because I also use these stocks account for what I
buy and sell: I bought - say - 10 Products xy, and sold them with 20% gain -
but the account says $0.
Any solutions?
Currently I am doing it the following way: Use Currency-Accounts, and when
everything is sold, vook the rest to a Income- or expenses-Account. But that
can't be the solution ....

I am looking forward to discussions how to implement that!
Or du I just not find the feature?