What is EDIFACT + Call for help on docs

Duarte Loreto happyguy_pt@hotmail.com
Sun, 27 May 2001 04:00:50 +0100


Just writing to drop two notes on things talked on the last days.

EDIFACT is a "standard" that means something like
European (?)
Format for
Commerce and
Trade (ou Transport... not sure).

As I told you when I presented myself, I'm a consultant. I've been working 
on the last two years on one of the Portuguese celular operators. The 
billing system (over which I make developments) uses EDIFACT for some data 
interchange with other entities/systems. Note that the billing system was 
developed by a German company (LHS Gmb).

I never had to decode or analise EDIFACT messages but as far as I can 
remmeber it has fixed fields with asterisks (*) padding the spaces between 
fields. It is something not very good to look at...

As for Merkel call for help on the documentation... I still need to get 
GnuCash to work on my machine. I tryed a while ago and was having many 
problems compiling support libraries. I use Slackware. The current branch 
(just entered beta state) has upgraded to Gnome1.4. I've got the new 
packages on my laptop awaiting to get into my desktop.

I think that after the upgrade I'll be able to compile guppy and g-wrap 
easily and then GnuCash. If I get that to work tommorrow (Sunday), maybe I 
can try to help with some of those help files that say "not documented yet". 
If not, sorry.

Notice that I did'nt get involved in development nor in discussions on this 
list, so I migth not be the best person to do this. I would also need some 
english native to go and proof-read the docs, as my english has some 

OK. Take care :)

Duarte Loreto
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