Help .... anyone ....

Klaus Ridder
Sun, 27 May 2001 21:17:01 +0200

I guess I have made a very big mistake:

As I opened the reconcile dialogue of my bank account (reconcile - or
whatever "abstimmen" was in english) - and saw that 139 DEM are missing.  I
checked all auto-save versions, and reaized that somewhere between 2
versions I seem to have deleted a transaction of DEM 139,-.
The problem is: I have around 100 transactions with 139,- DEM (as this was
our standard product). Any better idea how I can find the missing
transactions than manually going through hundreds of transactions or restart
reconcile on 01.01.1999 ?
On no, I see this will be quite a busy day tomorrow doing all the work again
... I better go to bed now. Probably someone has a solution tomorrow :)