printing bugs, at least one of which is guppi's

Robert Graham Merkel
Tue, 29 May 2001 15:02:34 +1000

(sorry for the crossposting, but probably appropriate in this case).

I've been investigating bugs with gnucash's printing of guppi graphs. One
seems to be a straightforward guppi bug, the other is somewhere in the
interaction of guppi, gnucash, gtkhtml and possibly gnome-print :(

Firstly, a relatively simple one. When printing a bar chart, guppi chops
the bottom half of the zero y-axis scale marking. It appears that the
bounding box that guppi clips to around this extends exactly to the zero
point on this axis, cropping the bottom half of this marking. This one is
present in the guppi barchart demo, and should hopefully be reasonably easy
to fix.

The second one is a bit of a brain-strainer. While displaying fine as an
embedded widget as part of a gnucash report displayed by gtkhtml, when
printed, guppi graphs are seriously misaligned - titles and even the top of
the graphs themselves is disappearing off the top of the page. If I
manually insert a few line breaks into the report to move it down, the
entire graph will be rendered, indicating that either (a) somehow, the top
margin is being ignored, or (b) the size of the printed guppi chart is
being miscalculated.

I have tried tracing what's going on in this code, but there's too many
interactions going on and I'm stumped. Anybody suggest where I should start
looking for this bug?

Robert Merkel                      

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