[guppi-list] printing bugs, at least one of which is guppi's

Bill Gribble grib@flophouse.internal.billgribble.com
Tue, 29 May 2001 20:02:28 -0500

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 03:02:34PM +1000, Robert Graham Merkel wrote:
> The second one is a bit of a brain-strainer. While displaying fine as an
> embedded widget as part of a gnucash report displayed by gtkhtml, when
> printed, guppi graphs are seriously misaligned - titles and even the top of
> the graphs themselves is disappearing off the top of the page. 

This is a scaling problem It has to do with a difference between
guppi's and gtkhtml's ideas of scaling on the canvas... I want to say
100 dpi vs. 72 dpi, but I'm not sure.  I had a magical correction
factor in there (on the gnucash side) but backed it out recently
because on my machine the changes made guppi graphs too small.  I
haven't checked printing lately but my guess is that the fix needs to
go back in.  I'll try to dig it up.