Suggestion : save reconcile reports (was: Help .... anyone ....)

Klaus Ridder
Tue, 29 May 2001 10:35:26 +0200

I once started an financing program by myself (which has never been
finished), but it had the following, VERY good feature.
Probably it can make it in 1.8 or 2.0:

Every transaction does not only store the status "reconciled" or not, but in
which reconcile session it has been reconciled (automatically numbered from
1 to ....) (so, for exapmle "26" instead of "X".)
In another table, the reconcile information is stored:
Reconcie Session  |  Date  |  Amount(US$)

You then can always create a report that compares the calculated reconcile
amounts to the stored ones:
Calclulated := Amound X-1 stored in Reconcile table + all amounts that have
the reconcile number "X".

In general, all values now should be "0". Now, if you accoidently deleted a
transaction, you can see in which reconlilation it has been (it doesn't show
"0" then) , an just check these 5 to 20 treansaction, which will take only
some minutes.

This makes things EXTREMELY easier, if you use gnucash over several years an
suddenly the reconcile amount isn't correct anymore, and this error probably
occured in a transaction years ago ...

Someone here willing to implement that? :)
If so, you can contat me on talkling aboout the concept (althgoug I'm not
used to scheme at all ... or in what language is the code at the moment?)

Klaus Ridder