Compiling 1.5.97 for FreeBSD

Matthew Condell
29 May 2001 12:57:41 -0000


I've just started trying to get 1.5.97 compiled on FreeBSD 4.3.
Haven't had a chance to try out earlier releases in the 1.5.x

I've had a couple of hangups so far:

1) in src/engine/Query.c
   #include <sys/types.h>
   needs to come before 
   #include <regex.h>
   not after it, since regex.h depends on types in sys/types.h

2) I don't seem to have langinfo.h (needed at least by
   src/engine/date.c anywhere on my system.
   Which package does that come from?

3) Does anyone know of a BSD port of guppi?  It's not in the ports tree,
   the source doesn't seem to compile out of the box for me and I don't
   currently have the time to make it compile.  I'm just compiling gnucash
   with the --disable-guppi flag, for now.

Matt Condell