Two questions about translations

Duarte Loreto
Tue, 29 May 2001 09:58:24 +0100

   Hello Again!

> > First... Are we (translators) supposed to translate the file 
>No, those strings should be included in the gnucash.pot file,
>and the translated version should be displayed. Is that not the

Just yesterday I started to upgrade my Slackware to have Gnome 1.4 and all 
assotiated libs. Before I could not compile GnuCash. Well... I could not 
compile lib needed by a lib needed by a lib needed by GnuCash. I'll finish 
upgrading today and hope that still today or tomorrow I can compile GnuCash 
for the first time (and so use it and test the translations, take 
screenshoots, etc.)

>The src/gnome/gnucash.desktop file also has some translatable strings.
>Eventually we should probably switch to using the xml-i18n-tools package
>which can add those to the pot file automatically, I think. But that is
>Also, the sample account hierarchies in accounts/C/*xea can be
>translated. You can also change the hierarchies themselves to
>suit the locale better.

Thank you for the list. I'll get to these after my next pot and doc upgrade. 
Hope to turn this in by Sunday night. I'll go on vacations to EuroDisney and 
Paris next 10th of June, so I'll miss the big Release... But I want to have 
all portuguese stuff ready for it.

>Thanks for your work!

I take this chance to thank all the people developing GnuCash for the 
support given to the translators. You trully make us feel that our job is 
also important. :) I was involved on another KDE related project a year and 
something ago and things weren't like this.

I'm eager to have GnuCash running on my PC so I can tell you also how good 
it is :) And because with it I'll loose my last link to windows... 

Have fun!

Duarte Loreto
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