Check printing and localisation

Duarte Loreto
Wed, 30 May 2001 14:06:31 +0100

>GnuCash 1.5.x has the ability to print checks.  Unfortunately,
>it writes out the amounts in words in a US-specific way - for
>examples, $234.56 is written out as
>"Two hundred and thirty-four Dollars 56/100"
>and $234 is written as
>"Two hundred and thirty-four Dollars 0/100"
>If you want GnuCash to fully support localised check printing for your
>country in the future, have your say now!

In Portugal, you have PTE (Portuguese Escudos). Escudos have no longer 
decimal places, due to the EURO parity. One EURO cent equals two escudos 
(more or less). So, only the "$234" applies. If we have an amount of "234$" 
(about a US Dollar), we would write it as

"Duzentos e Trinta e Quatro Escudos" (meaning Two Hundred and Thirty Four 

If the amount is bigger (always is as a check costs abou 30PTE)... Lets say 
a PC costing 286.570 PTE (a bit over 1000 USD)
"Duzentos e Oitenta e Seis Mil Quinhentos e Setenta Escudos"
"Two Hundred and Eighty Six Thousand Five Hundred and Seventy Escudos"

Hope this helps someone. I can look at the scheme file and see how it could 
work in portuguese, although I promisse nothing as I never coded in scheme 
nor C.

Have fun!

Duarte Loreto
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