ja.po of Gnucash

Christian Stimming stimming@tuhh.de
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 22:42:25 +0200


Hello Takeshi,

I just saw your new Japanese translated .po file for Gnucash on 
cvs.gnome.org. This is very good -- it is great to see how other translators 
pick up the task to translate our program.

However, I discovered a problem with the ja.po file which a) is probably our 
fault and b) might mean that there has been duplicated work. 

First, let me tell you how the gnucash source code is organized: We have our 
own CVS server, cvs.gnucash.org, where the source code resides and from where 
the packages are made. Thus, the po files that actually make it into our 
releases are always the ones on cvs.gnucash.org. But to take part in the 
Gnome Translation Project, we copied our message catalog gnucash.pot onto the 
Gnome CVS server at cvs.gnome.org/gnome-i18n/extra-po/gnucash. It is my job 
to regularly copy the message catalog gnucash.pot from cvs.gnucash.org to 
cvs.gnome.org, so that other translators can then translate it. As soon as 
some translator commits his/her resulting language.po file to gnome.org, I 
notice this quite quickly and copy the language.po file back to gnucash.org. 

In your case (ja.po), I was surprised that your new version on gnome.org had 
a relatively small number of translated strings -- approx. 800 out of 1600. 
This is absolutely not a bad thing :-) since I know that translating our huge 
catalog definitely takes its time. But I checked back to see what Japanese 
translation was already there, i.e. on gnucash.org, and I realized that our 
current ja.po on gnucash.org has much more translated strings -- approx. 1400 
out of 1600.  Oops.

I guess it was not your intention to throw away existing translated strings, 
so I checked various logfiles to see what had happened. The ja.po on 
gnucash.org AND the old one on gnome.org both had a PO-Revision-Date set to 
2001-1-18. BUT unfortunately the two files were nevertheless different. The 
ja.po on gnome.org contained approx. 800 translations, whereas the one on 
gnucash.org contained the abovementioned 1400. The one on gnucash.org had 
received another revision on 2001-07-01 according to our CVS logs... 
Unfortunately this revision was not mentioned in the po file, and therefore I 
forgot to copy this ja.po over to cvs.gnome.org (still believing the two were 
identical). So this probably means that part of your translation was a 
duplication of already existing work. If that is the case, I'm terribly sorry 
for that.

To resolve this translation conflict is mostly up to you (since I of course 
don't know any Japanese). I will right now copy our existing ja.po from 
gnucash.org to gnome.org, thus overriding your update. If you decide that 
this existing translation shouldn't be used for whatever reason, then you can 
just revert this commit that I did. If you can use the existing translation 
as a basis for further work, then this would be great and we will happily  
appreciate any future improvements with the Japanese translation.


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