ja.po of Gnucash

Takeshi AIHANA aihana@jcom.home.ne.jp
02 Apr 2002 13:56:57 +0900

Hi Christian,

First of thanks for your consideration.
I understood the bellows.

I made mistake to merge between my Japanese translations (ja.po) 
that I have been already translated for gnucash older version and 
it in cvs.gnome.org.
I did are,
 - got the released gnucash-1.6.6.
 - updated gnucash.pot in it by `xml-i18n-update --pot`.
 - happend error like 'not foound any files in list' in POTFILES.in.
 - fixed to modify it.
 - merged my ja.po and new gnucash.pot by `intltool-update ja`
 - fixed any new messages and fuzzy's.
 - commited it into cvs.gnome.org.

After I got your mail, I confirmed you said that my ja.po was very
smaller numbers than previous its.
I could not contact to the previous person to maintain it's ja.po.
And I have been translated it to play gnucash for myself.
(It is duplicated works at this point, maybe.)
When it was released new version of gnucash, I tried to merge his old 
ja.po (that means I have been already gotten his ja.po last year.) 
and mine. This is caused to conflict ja.po in gnucash respository.

I will re-checking out ja.po from cvs.gnome.org then I will translate
and commit it.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you for your attentions, again.

Best regard, 

> Hello Takeshi,
> I just saw your new Japanese translated .po file for Gnucash on 
> cvs.gnome.org. This is very good -- it is great to see how other translators 
> pick up the task to translate our program.
> However, I discovered a problem with the ja.po file which a) is probably our 
> fault and b) might mean that there has been duplicated work. 
> First, let me tell you how the gnucash source code is organized: We have our 
> own CVS server, cvs.gnucash.org, where the source code resides and from where 
> the packages are made. Thus, the po files that actually make it into our 
> releases are always the ones on cvs.gnucash.org. But to take part in the 
> Gnome Translation Project, we copied our message catalog gnucash.pot onto the 
> Gnome CVS server at cvs.gnome.org/gnome-i18n/extra-po/gnucash. It is my job 
> to regularly copy the message catalog gnucash.pot from cvs.gnucash.org to 
> cvs.gnome.org, so that other translators can then translate it. As soon as 
> some translator commits his/her resulting language.po file to gnome.org, I 
> notice this quite quickly and copy the language.po file back to gnucash.org. 
> In your case (ja.po), I was surprised that your new version on gnome.org had 
> a relatively small number of translated strings -- approx. 800 out of 1600. 
> This is absolutely not a bad thing :-) since I know that translating our huge 
> catalog definitely takes its time. But I checked back to see what Japanese 
> translation was already there, i.e. on gnucash.org, and I realized that our 
> current ja.po on gnucash.org has much more translated strings -- approx. 1400 
> out of 1600.  Oops.
> I guess it was not your intention to throw away existing translated strings, 
> so I checked various logfiles to see what had happened. The ja.po on 
> gnucash.org AND the old one on gnome.org both had a PO-Revision-Date set to 
> 2001-1-18. BUT unfortunately the two files were nevertheless different. The 
> ja.po on gnome.org contained approx. 800 translations, whereas the one on 
> gnucash.org contained the abovementioned 1400. The one on gnucash.org had 
> received another revision on 2001-07-01 according to our CVS logs... 
> Unfortunately this revision was not mentioned in the po file, and therefore I 
> forgot to copy this ja.po over to cvs.gnome.org (still believing the two were 
> identical). So this probably means that part of your translation was a 
> duplication of already existing work. If that is the case, I'm terribly sorry 
> for that.
> To resolve this translation conflict is mostly up to you (since I of course 
> don't know any Japanese). I will right now copy our existing ja.po from 
> gnucash.org to gnome.org, thus overriding your update. If you decide that 
> this existing translation shouldn't be used for whatever reason, then you can 
> just revert this commit that I did. If you can use the existing translation 
> as a basis for further work, then this would be great and we will happily  
> appreciate any future improvements with the Japanese translation.
> Regards,
> Christian