First full reviewed version of it.po files

Christian Stimming
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 22:59:39 +0200


I'm sorry that nobody answered sooner (as far as I know). My DSL line at home 
was broken, so I couldn't put your patch into CVS before today.

On Sunday 17 March 2002 23:18, Lorenzo Cappelletti wrote:
> I eventually managed to review the whole it.po file. Phew!!! It's been a
> tough task! This is by no mean the final release, but I hit the bottom
> of the file so I thought it was time to submit something.

This is great! It is good to see how other translators pick up the task to 
translate our program.

As an aside, for a po file it might be better to send in the complete file 
instead of a patch. Otherwise I always get heaps of conflicts as soon as I 
didn't use exactly the same gnucash.pot version as you did.

> May I suggest a commit log?

Oops, I forgot to use your text (I didn't think of your message during 
commiting). Next time :-)

> PS: I believe I've got time (and energy) for working on .xae files and
> possibly the doc.  Do you think I'd better have a CVS access?  I'm using
> CVS (and SSH, if needed) every day at work.

This sounds great. CVS access, however, is handeled a bit more tight in 
gnucash. Since the application might deal with sensible personal data, the 
developer team would prefer to not grant CVS access too quickly. If you 
happen to do a lot of work on Gnucash, then IIRC it shouldn't be a problem to 
give you cvs access and IIRC Linas would be the responsible person to do 
that. But for the time being we would prefer just messages with patches (or, 
in the case of po files, with files). Anyway, we greatly appreciate any of 
your contributions and are looking forward to seeing many of them to come.

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