More on libtool problem

Bill Gribble
02 Apr 2002 07:55:59 -0600

On Mon, 2001-11-12 at 21:10, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Basically, it checks the command line and, if it's too long, it will
> break it up into separate lines.  Unfortunately, nowhere can I find
> where it sets max_cmd_len anywhere in  In fact, this would
> explain the "../../../libtool: test: : integer expression expected"
> error messages I had seen earlier.

the we have is a modification of the 1.4.x one which (I
believe) includes some parts of the 1.3.x (the parts which
prune down the list of dependent libraries).  This reference to
max_cmd_len appears to be a skeleton from 1.3.x ; the 1.4.x
doesn't reference it at all. 

if you have libtool 1.3.x installed, could you look in
/usr/share/libtool/ and see how it's defined there?


> I'm not sure how to fix this problem offhand...  I'll keep looking.
> -derek
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