CVS: src/guile - files not (any longer) pertinent

Bill Gribble
02 Apr 2002 07:56:04 -0600

On Tue, 2001-11-13 at 12:13, Tim Wunder wrote:
> Hmmm. Well, I tried to make gnucash and it failed, couldn't find a file 
> it wanted somewhere. I decided to 'make clean' and re-run './configure 
> --with-gnome=/opt/gnome'. ./configure failed (error:can not find sources 
> in . or ..). Hrumph! Well, I then issued a 'make distclean' and re-ran 
> 'cvs update'. I then tried './' only to have it fail:

You should always use the -P (to prune deleted files) and -d (to create
new directories) options to cvs update:
  cvs -z3 update -Pd 
is how I always run it. 

Without the -d, you don't get new directories that are added to the
tree, which is what your problem is here.