XML size (was: no subject)

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
02 Apr 2002 21:53:17 -0500

Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org> writes:

[postgres stuff elided]

Yea, using postgres is an option, but I'd rather have an integrated
solution.  In my particular case users are using AFS (www.openafs.org)
as their distributed, network file system, and are logging into Linux,
Solaris, Irix, and Win32 machines.  I need a solution that not only
works for all the platforms but can share data files, too.

> >  The user still sees a "file" but we're using SQL internally.
> I wonder how many people would care if their data were in a
> "directory" rather than a file as long as there were good to/from XML
> export/import commands.

Fair enough.  Having a single file would be better, but having a
couple related files works, too.

> > So, any good pointers to embedded SQL systems?
> Don't know.  I've heard a little about sqlite, but haven't used it
> heavily myself yet.

Unfortunately SQLite does not solve the "share data files"
requirement.  In fact in the SQLite FAQ it specifically says that you
cannot do this.  MySQL appears to have both the integrated server and
also appears to be byte-order independent, so that may be the best
route for this.


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