Enforcing placeholder accounts

David Hampton hampton@employees.org
02 Apr 2002 23:14:00 -0800

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I've added support for explicitly marking an account as a 'placeholder'
in the hierarchy, or in other terms, a non-postable account.  This is
intended for use when setting up an account heirarchy, to prevent
transactions from being entered into an account that should only be used
as an aggregation point.  [For example, I track gasoline purchases
separately for myself and my wife.  I have an expense account called
Expenses:Auto:Gas, with sub-accounts Self and Spouse.  I'd like Gas
account to be non-postable.]  This ability will also be useful for
businesses where all expenses need to be allocated to a specific
sub-category and not left in a higher level account.

I have currently implemented this in the register gui such that
non-postable accounts aren't listed in the account pulldown menu, and if
you explicitly type the name of a non-postable account, gnucash will
complain when you exit the account name field.  Does this need to be
enforced at a lower level as well, or is this sufficient?  Any other
ideas or suggestions?


P.S. I need to see how this interacts with scheduled transactions.

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