XML size (was: no subject)

Chris Lyttle chris@wilddev.net
03 Apr 2002 15:38:52 -0800

On Wed, 2002-04-03 at 13:58, Paul Lussier wrote:
> In a message dated: 03 Apr 2002 13:00:41 PST
> Chris Lyttle said:
> >Actually this whole thread started off with a USER request to revert to
> >a BINARY format as it was faster, smaller and easier for him. So going
> >along the lines of your arguments it sort of defeats your point as its
> >pretty obvious to me that the programmers on gnucash DO listen to what
> >their users ask for.
> I never stated that the GnuCash developers don't listen to what their 
> users ask for.  I've been following the development of GnuCash and a 

You're right, you didnt actually state this, but it was implied in your
reasoning about why not to use SQL.

> Additionally, while what you state about the origin of the thread is true,
> I find that almost totally irrelevent to the rest of the conversation 
> which has since taken place.
So now instead of attacking the developers, you turn to saying my input
is 'irrelevant'? I'm a user, I'm expressing my viewpoint on this thread,
how is it that what I say is irrelevant? How about being constructive
and telling us some of the disadvantages technically you see to using
SQL instead of 'I dont like SQL cause I cant open it with a text editor
and change things'?