session logs [was: XML size (was: no subject) ]

Paul Lussier
Thu, 04 Apr 2002 10:37:56 -0500

In a message dated: 04 Apr 2002 09:58:22 EST
Derek Atkins said:

>Hmm.. Perhaps we should allow 'session logs'?  I'm not sure how to do
>this in general, particularly with a database.  Maybe the way to do
>this is to tie each data entry to a particular "session" and then
>allow the session to have a log message?

I don't think you need to be able to tie it a specific set of entries 
or anything.  I mostly use the comment feature of RCS to state what I 
did this session and remind me what I might need to do next time 
along.  Since RCS also ties a date to each session, It's also easy 
for me to check the last time I actually did anything within gnucash.

This last thing is more a curiosity satisfier than anything else, 
since I often find myself sitting here for days, weeks, months, 
without realizing I haven't spent any time doing my finances.  
Occasionally I'll ask myself when was the last time I did anything, 
and I can easily check the RCS logs for the date stamp.

Not a major thing and I'd obviously be able to live without it :)

What could be done though, getting back the 'session log' idea is 
just provide a widget which allowed entering free form text.  That 
entry would get date/time stamped.  It could just be another table 
within the database.  Additionally, when someone went to import/export
ascii text, the widget could pop up requesting a comment.
(of course, auto-pop-up widgets should be user configurable so they 
can be set to never, ever appear again should the user hate this idea :)

Just some random thoughts.