Addition of HBCI support, Maturity of 1.7-branch, next stable release time frame?

Josh Sled
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 10:15:40 -0800

On Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 12:10:10PM -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:

| I would suggest working from the 1.7/CVS tree.

I concur.

| I'm honestly not sure what particular features are in the works on
| that branch.  I know that Scheduled Transactions are only
| half-working, 

I'd put them at ~80% on my disk ... but -- yes -- ~60% in CVS [see the
postscript for more info].  I'm hoping to get them them to ~90% and
checked in in about 3 weeks.

| I don't know what other stuff people are working on.

Nothing anyone's really annouced, but there have been some commits from
Linas regarding book-closing stuff ... ?

My hope -- and I wanted to run this by warlord when I next saw him in
#gnucash [nudge nudge] -- was that we could commit to finish SXes and
Business features off in the next couple of months. 

Feature freeze/1.7.99 betas starting Sun 9 June?  Targeting a 1.8 release
for end June?  Is this reasonable?

Now, if HBCI support is 3-4 months out, there are perhaps two options:

1. SX/BusinessObjects just have a really long debug cycle. :)

2. HCBI is a sepereately-released "add-on" module for GnuCash, using
   the new module system... though I don't know if this is really feasible.
   Given that it'd basically be an import/export feature, it seems like
   a prime candidate for such a thing.


PS Scheduled Transactions state [this is in my tree, not yet in CVS]:

. Users can create/save/restore/edit/delete scheduled transactions
  . frequency of recurrance
  . including the parmaters of creation:
    . automatically 
      . with and without notification of such
    . N days in advance
    . Reminders N days in advance.
  . With time and number-of-instance endings
  . with template non-stock transactions, including variables.
. Since the last time the program was run, all the right stuff will
  happen ... including:
  . ledger-based review of notification-requested-auto-created SXes
  . varible prompting for variable-containing SXes
  . ledger-based review of created SXes
  . removal of obsolete SXes
  . cancellation support of all that [reverting all changes]
. A new configuration options page exists for defaults/options [:)]
. The code in src/gnome/window-register.c was refactored into
  src/register/ledger-core/gnc-regWidget.{h,cpp} -- though it's not
  nearly what I wanted it to be, and thus will not replace the code in
  src/gnome/window-register.c anytime soon.

There's currently a bug in the gnc-regwidet/ledger used in the
since-last-run Druid [a bug in GnomeDruid, I think], no support for
stock/currency template transactions, a bunch of little-issue cleanup,
and some UI changes.  But all the major things are in place.