Addition of HBCI support, Maturity of 1.7-branch, next stable release time frame?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
04 Apr 2002 14:32:52 -0500

Josh Sled <> writes:

> I'd put them at ~80% on my disk ... but -- yes -- ~60% in CVS [see the
> postscript for more info].  I'm hoping to get them them to ~90% and
> checked in in about 3 weeks.

How did you work around the Query problem?  Or have you not done so,

> My hope -- and I wanted to run this by warlord when I next saw him in
> #gnucash [nudge nudge] -- was that we could commit to finish SXes and
> Business features off in the next couple of months. 

This depends on a lot of things.  I haven't had much chance to work on
it since my last commit.  I know that I need to add a good deal of UI
niceties (such as the ability to delete Entries).  I also am
re-thinking some of my abstractions.  I know that how I envisioned
"purchase orders" probably don't really work right, either.

However, at this point what I could really use is feedback from people
who are trying to use this functionality.

> Feature freeze/1.7.99 betas starting Sun 9 June?  Targeting a 1.8 release
> for end June?  Is this reasonable?

Oh, probably..  Assuming I can get some time to work on some other
major UI features for the business stuff.


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