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Andreas Bogk andreas@andreas.org
07 Apr 2002 12:24:56 +0000

Thomas Spahni <tsp@lawbiz.ch> writes:

> I know that there was a discussion about using MySQL a long time ago but
> in the meantime MySQL has got transactions (for certain table types) and
> is extremely stable.

MySQL depends on BerkeleyDB for transactions.

BerkeleyDB is a piece of software I wouldn't want to bet my money on,
I've seen it fail in mysterious ways too often.  A friend of mine
wrote a search engine once, and used BerkeleyDB as the backend. It
worked in the beginning, but had mysterious problems under load in
daily use.

I had similiar experiences with the BerkeleyDB that MojoNation uses to
store block data.  Sometimes, it silently drops data on the floor.

I cannot speak for anybody but myself, of course, but I want my
financial data in PostgreSQL.


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