Segfault - looks sx related

Tim Wunder
Mon, 08 Apr 2002 08:19:12 -0400

I'm getting a segfault when opening gucash from CVS (March 23rd).
This is what's displayed to the console after the segfault:
** CRITICAL **: file sixtp.c: line 546 (sixtp_sax_end_handler): assertion
`pdata->parsing_ok' failed.
Error: sixtp_handle_catastrophe: parse failed at

(stack-frame 0x823ea90
               (parser 0x823d458)
               (tag (null))
               (data-for-children (nil))
               (frame-data (nil)))
    (stack-frame 0x8248f08
                 (parser 0x823d4d8)
                 (tag gnc-v2)
                 (data-for-children (nil))
                 (data-from-children ((tag gnc:count-data) (data 
                 (frame-data (nil)))
      (stack-frame 0x8248488
                   (parser 0x823d558)
                   (tag gnc:book)
                   (data-for-children (nil))
                   (data-from-children ((tag gnc:schedxaction) (data
0x8371a10)) ((tag gnc:schedxaction) (data 0x83691a8)) ((tag gnc:s
chedxaction) (data 0x83a5eb0)) ((tag gnc:template-transactions) (data
0x8385140)) ((tag gnc:transaction) (data 0x832fa40)) ((tag gnc
:transaction) (data 0x83877b8)) ((tag gnc:transaction) (data 0x8383860))
((tag gnc:transaction) (data 0x83691a8)) ((tag gnc:transact
ion) (data 0x8381b50)) ((tag gnc:transaction) (data 0x83880b8)) ((tag
gnc:transaction) (data 0x8383200)) ((tag gnc:transaction) (dat
a 0x8350748)) ((tag gnc:transaction) (data 0x8385318)) ((tag
(data 0x8357710)) ((tag gnc:transaction) (data 0x8369c
... this goes on for quite some time ...
((tag gnc:count-data) (data 0x82483e8)) ((tag gnc:count-data) (data
0x82483d0)) ((tag gnc:count-data) (data 0x8248bb8)) ((tag b
ook:id) (data 0x8248580)))
                   (frame-data (nil)))
        (stack-frame 0x83a64c0
                     (parser 0x823dba8)
                     (tag gnc:schedxaction)
                     (data-for-children 0x8347bc0)
                     (frame-data 0x8347bc0))

I recently had some problems deleting a Scheduled Transaction. For some
reason, I had 2 sx's set up for my wife's pay, per day, no less. While this
made my checking account look beatiful last time I loaded gnucash, it
wasn't quite right. Gnucash
crashed after I deleted one of the culprits. I then reloaded it and it
alright. I went back in a deleted the offending SX's one at a time, saving
after each one. It,  seemed to work OK. Now, I'm getting this
segfault. Any ideas?