Problem in stock split druid

Dave Peticolas
08 Apr 2002 10:42:15 -0700

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On Sun, 2002-04-07 at 18:29, David Hampton wrote:
> There's a problem with the account_currency_filter() routine, and I'm
> not sure how to fix it.  This filter is applied to the income and asset
> trees in the "Cash In Lieu" page of the druid.  The problem is that the
> routine is comparing the account where the split will be entered (a
> commodity of type NASDAQ) to the income/asset account (of type USD) so
> it can never succeed.  That means that I can never select either an
> income  or asset account in this druid.  Any way for me to get from a
> stock commodity to the underlying currency so I can fix this
> comparison?  Is this comparison even needed, as the amount received is
> already going to have been translated into a users local currency before
> it is printed on their statement.

That sounds like a remnant from the old currency model where
accounts had both a currency and security. You should be able
to just remove the comparison.


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