Problem in stock split druid

David Hampton
07 Apr 2002 18:29:30 -0700

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There's a problem with the account_currency_filter() routine, and I'm
not sure how to fix it.  This filter is applied to the income and asset
trees in the "Cash In Lieu" page of the druid.  The problem is that the
routine is comparing the account where the split will be entered (a
commodity of type NASDAQ) to the income/asset account (of type USD) so
it can never succeed.  That means that I can never select either an
income  or asset account in this druid.  Any way for me to get from a
stock commodity to the underlying currency so I can fix this
comparison?  Is this comparison even needed, as the amount received is
already going to have been translated into a users local currency before
it is printed on their statement.


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