Addition of HBCI support

Martin Preuß
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 00:14:01 +0200


On Friday, April 05 2002 09:58, Christian Stimming wrote:
> I haven't yet evaluated which of those possibilities should be supported
>   by Gnucash. I just wanted to mention that HBCI support will definitely
> be more than import/export of our existing data.

As some people know there are many objects/structs to be set up when using 
OpenHBCI. Because this would make implementing HBCI support more complicated 
I decided to release a develop version of libaqmoney 
(, which is a simplification library around 
OpenHBCI (

There is a API doc package, too (you should first look at the information 
about _HBCIInterface_).

Since I am absolutely unfamiliar with the internals of GnuCash I would like to 
help someone else implementing HBCI support rather than trying it myself ;-)



LibChipCard -