Book clsoing [was: Re: Addition of HBCI support, Maturity of 1.7-branch, next stable release time frame?

Michael T. Garrison Stuber
Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:21:59 -0400

The ironic thing here is that I was talking about this very idea with a 
friend who is a python hacker just hours ago.  We discussed this exact same 
thing, implementing something similar to gnumeric.  This could allow for a 
master meta data file which tracks what the other files are and whether 
certain ranges of data have been externally archived and would have to be 
imported/  It could also provide the possibility for additional data 
separation in the future.  For example, stock prices could be held in a 
separate file within the archive, and so could AR/AP lot tracking 
information.  The "nice" thing about this is that the internal file 
structure could be made to more closely mirror the database back end.  Of 
course, the down side of this is that the simplicity of a single XML schema 
is lost.

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> On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 10:23:40PM -0400, Michael T. Garrison Stuber
> wrote:
>| when her stock reports didn't run properly.  While we're on the topic
>| where  is the metadata that let's GnuCash know that there are other
>| files to look  at?
> I'm wondering if it's too much for it [the current and old books, and
> metadata as necessary] to be a tar/gz file, documented or named as such,
> that GNC can access as a VFS?
> My question assumes a certain backend, but I think the current thinking
> is to have both the [Postgre]SQL and XML backends.
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