Scheduled Transactions

Tim Wunder
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 16:26:00 -0400

On Saturday 20 April 2002 02:28 pm, Josh Sled wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 20, 2002 at 07:16:05AM -0400, Tim Wunder wrote:
> | Quicken called them register transactions if the were actually posted
> | to an account, or scheduled transactions.  Scheduled transactions could
> | be turned into register transactions by right-clicking the transaction
> | and chosing to create it.
> I'm not understanding the difference here.  Is it that 'register
> transactions' are already posted, while 'scheduled transactions' are
> strictly in the future?  Or that 'register transactions' have a transaction
> to post [when due], whereas 'scheduled transactions' are just reminders?

When I say "register transaction", I mean a transaction that has already been 
posted to an account. A "scheduled transaction" is in the future. Quicken 5 
did not have reminder transactions, you could create a note as a reminder, 
though, IIRC. I may be screwig up the terminology Qucien used (I haven't used 
it for over 6 months.) When I try to create some screen prints, I'll 
re-examine the terminology.

> Is this distinction something you/others desire?
> | When I started Quicken, any scheduled transactions due, or past due,
> | would display in a dialog and I could create then from that dialog, or
> | not, individually.
> So that ["create then [...] individually"] was what I was talking about in
> the last mail.  Is the granularity: "[don't] create all \"Car Payment\"s"
> or is it "[don't] create this, that and this \"Car Payment\"s"?  I just
> don't know how people expect to use that feature.

Yes. I want to be able to choose NOT to post SX's that are due. I also want to 
be able to post an SX thet's not due yet. If I'm going on vacation for 2 
weeks, I want to be able to pay all the bills that will be coming up over the 
next 3 weeks, even the SX's that aren't normally due yet.

> | From the calendar, new transactions (both register and scheduled) could
> | be created by right-clicking the calendar day. I would usually switch to
> | the account view to create register transactions, but I'd make scheduled
> | transactions from the calendar.
> As I don't understand the difference, this doesn't make a lot of sense.

The register transaction would get posted to the register (account) 
immediately, the scheduled transaction would be, um, scheduled for the date 
that I clicked on. Does that help?

<snip calendar stuff>

> | If it'd help you, I could go through the effort of creating some screen
> | shots depicting it. (I assume you can capture screenshots of apps running
> | in WINE...).
> I've consciously stayed away from looking at other programs, but I'm
> better, now.  If you want to go through the effort, I'll look at the pics.

I'll see how much work it'll actually be and if I can squeeze it in this 
weekend. I'm also working on a kernel compile (trying to get 2.4.18 to work 
-- it won't ID my NIC for some reason...). If I do it, I'll post the 
screenshots on my webserver and you can get 'em at your liesure.


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