Scheduled Transactions

Josh Sled
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 15:15:42 -0700

On Sat, Apr 20, 2002 at 04:26:00PM -0400, Tim Wunder wrote:

| When I say "register transaction", I mean a transaction that has already been 
| posted to an account. A "scheduled transaction" is in the future. Quicken 5 

Okay.  Are register transactions "templatized" transactions?  This is
something that very naturally falls out of the Scheduled Transactions stuff
as a pretty-damn-useful first-level UI concept: right-click on register |
Templates > { Gas, Groceries, Util, ... }

| Yes. I want to be able to choose NOT to post SX's that are due. I also want to 
| be able to post an SX thet's not due yet. If I'm going on vacation for 2 
| weeks, I want to be able to pay all the bills that will be coming up over the 
| next 3 weeks, even the SX's that aren't normally due yet.

So the since-last-run should have a first-page of "create this far
into the future", and "lemme control what's to be created".  Both things
are possible, and should pretty easily fit into the Way Things Are Done
Now [WTADN? :)]

| The register transaction would get posted to the register (account) 
| immediately, the scheduled transaction would be, um, scheduled for the date 
| that I clicked on. Does that help?

Is my above proposal about doing the "register transactions" in the
register itself sufficient, or does this need to be integrated into the
since-last-run dialog?  I'm against that, as it ties what I think is a
seperable first-level thing [templates for transactions] tightly into the
'Scheduled' [read: time-based] stuff, though they'll share some code.

| I'll see how much work it'll actually be and if I can squeeze it in this 
| screenshots on my webserver and you can get 'em at your liesure.

Spiffy; if not, that's fine too.  It much more clear, now.


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